bulk large

bulk large
hang over, as of something threatening, dark, or menacing

The terrible vision brooded over her all day long

Syn: ↑brood, ↑hover, ↑loom
Hypernyms: ↑hang
Hyponyms: ↑overshadow, ↑dominate, ↑eclipse
Verb Frames:

Something is ——ing PP

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BE IMPORTANT, loom large, dominate; be significant, be influential, be of consequence, carry weight; count, matter, signify.

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bulk large
1. To be prominent or intrusive
2. To seem important
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Main Entry:bulk

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bulk large
: to have great importance or influence

This is a problem that bulks large [=looms large] in the minds of many people.

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Main Entry:bulk
bulk large — see bulk, 3
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Main Entry:large

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bulk ˈlarge idiom
(BrE, formal) to be the most important part of sth

The issue is likely to bulk large at the next summit meeting.

Main entry:bulkidiom

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